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“God blessed me with a passion for science and the healing arts, and subsequently I have learned that I can help my patients to feel better physically and emotionally.  Now, having found Tammy, my wife, an RN for over twenty years, I couldn’t have asked for more.  She loves helping people feel and look better too.  So we’re doubly blessed.”

In a city as large as Albuquerque, there are many choices available for one to choose from in the rapidly growing area of cosmetic and facial therapy.  When one considers “botox and fillers” usually what comes to mind is a spa whereby a customer can meet with a specialist properly trained in this delivery modality, choose from a “menu” of treatment plans, and follow through with a specialist to receive the care that they desire.  

Steve and Tami are different.  When you arrive at Ageless Beauty Therapeutics, you will be greeted by Steve Harrington, DDS, and Tammy Harrington, RN.  There are no receptionists and no clinical assistants.  Dr. Steve and Nurse Tammy will greet you and work with you personally. 

They have worked in the healthcare world for a combined total of 52 years.  Steve, a native New Mexican, ran a very large and successful dental practice for 32 years and Tammy, originally from Ventura, California worked as a Labor and Delivery nurse for over 20 years. They understand what it takes to deliver large-scale healthcare to a large population.  Now, the two of them have elected to scale down.

After a consultation with the Harringtons, you will leave with confidence that they are FOR you.  Whether you simply want to feel better about the way your face and smile is seen by the world, or whether you want a deeper more comprehensive Total Makeover of everything about your head and neck (including but not limited to aiding with TMJ pain, migraine headaches, or perhaps you want to sleep better at night.) These are treatment modalities that Steve and Tami can help you to achieve.  (Thus the reason for the “Therapeutics” in their name.)  

They won’t overwhelm you with a large menu of choices.  They have elected to do a few very effective treatments in the most effective way.  And they do them very very well.  

Come and sit with Steve and Tami.  You will leave with a much better idea of what it means to be happy with your face and your smile as well as everything underneath it all….the real you.  

After all… ARE beautiful.  You deserve to know it.  And so does the rest of the world.    


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